Through Understanding We Solve, We Execute

As your one-stop-shop design and millwright contractor, we’ve been there, done that. Understanding your complexities and keeping you running is what we do.

Process Flow, Development & Design

Your entire operation in a single drawing. We’ll detail your entire process flow, what is possible, where to make improvements, and how we’ll make it happen.

  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process Audit & Analysis
  • Operational Audit & Analysis
  • Established Process Specs & Capacities
  • Functionality of Operations
  • Strategic Equipment Selection

Design, Layout & Engineering

Our design, layout and engineering services start with the strategy but end in a high-quality, efficient facility. Our deep understanding of the field lets us stay nimble and flexible, meaning the most complex projects are completed with ease.

  • General Layout of Equipment & Facility
  • Coordinational Drawings of all Trades
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architectural & Code Review
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Equipment & Manufacture Approval Drawing Review

Procurement & Installation

Full-service procurement of all equipment and machines means seamless installations, including alignment and testing, with minimal impact on your operations.

  • Purchasing of Equipment & Parts
  • Development of Equipment Supports & Connections
  • Installation Per Specs & Plans
  • Alignment & Testing Procedures
  • Knowledgeable Crews to Handle Installation in a Variety of Industries
  • Turnkey Solutions from Foundation to Startup


There are no temporary fixes here. By diagnosing the issue and reviewing the process flow, we not only fix the failure, but we also provide a solution that will keep the problem from happening again.

  • Equipment & Machinery Diagnostics
  • Process Flow & Equipment Analysis
  • Replacement Part Selection & Procurement
  • Equipment Vendor & Supplier Coordination & Management
  • Correction Planning & Execution
  • Innovative & Custom Solutions

Breakdown Repair & Maintenance

In this industry, downtime is costly. So we stay nimble to keep you running when issues arise. Our flexible scheduling, coordination and procurement of necessary parts and equipment minimizes downtime. Then, our knowledgeable analysis of the situation prevents the same problems in the future.

  • Crew Coordination & Scheduling
  • Emergency Oncall Service & Repair Crews
  • Preharvest Maintenance Checks
  • Facility Shutdowns
  • Planned Facility Maintenance & Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance Service & Repairs

Renovations & Expansions

Simplify, modernize and digitize. To offer increased capacity, meet updated standards and implement new equipment, your facility might need a full update. We can reconfigure, remodel and redesign your processes and operations to meet your needs now and in the future.

  • Coordination of Customer Expansions & Expectations
  • Turnkey Solution for Planned Development & Process Installation
  • Construction Management Services
  • Modernizing Process Systems & Equipment Standards
  • Finding Solutions to Your Dreams
  • Bringing Customers’ Dreams to Reality

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